Dependable Trustworthy

The Print Guys are the ‘go-to’ printer for so many of Auckland’s designers and agencies, as well as some of the most respected brands in the market.

The Print Guys started life as a print brokerage, but as time went on, we found that truly reliable printers were hard to come by and we decided that we just couldn’t be at the mercy of unreliable printers any longer. We have an ethos for giving truly great service, and to do that, we needed control over the manufacturing process. So we built our own production facility from scratch.

With this kind of background, and with our willingness to sit down and discuss the finer details of a job, we’ve earnt a reputation as the guys to go see when you have a critical job that just has to happen on time and with great results.

What we do isn’t exactly rocket science – but there are just a few things we do differently to the others, like:

– We actually respond to your emails – pretty quickly too.
– We take the time to understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve.
– We have some of the best digital print gear available.
– We’re actually really nice to deal with, we honour our word, we work really hard, we take an interest in what you do and offer suggestions whenever we can.

These may not be earth shattering differences but it’s the little things that make all the difference, like actually doing what you say you will, when you said you will.


Who are the print guys

Our Team is headed up by Mike Whyte, who started the business back in 2008.

Supporting our clients and ensuring the highest level of service we can muster is Lauren, an exceptional problem solver with that uncanny ability to make sense of even the most complicated of jobs. Lauren is our master at handling logistics and distribution, for those jobs that you want us to despatch and deliver to multiple locations.

Our press operator is Saffron, with almost a decade of experience in running Indigo presses. What Saff doesn’t know about digital print just ain’t worth knowing. Her eye for colour and her attention to detail make her an indispensable part of the team.

Milan and Jamie smooth out the processes at both ends of the production process. Jamie expertly ensures files are prepped and sorted, ready for production and Milan ensures the print finishing processes and diecutting is all carried out with the utmost care.

Matt takes care of our all our finishing and the fiddly detailed work, with an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to work carefully and calmly even under the tightest of deadlines.

Of course, Patrick is in the office on a part time basis – gentlemen’s hours. He loves greeting couriers at the door and if you’re stopping by, he asked me to remind you that he loves smackos and pretty much any other doggy treats.

And then, there are our clients – the point of our being. If you’re not one already, you should be.

A Passion for print

When you visit our plant, the thing you’ll notice is that the factory is clean, crisp and full of beautiful equipment. One of our favourite machine is our 1965 Heidelberg Platen. This machine was at the peak of technology in it’s day. It still has a place in commercial print and she sits nicely alongside our more modern machines, like the HP Indigo digital offset press and the HP Latex reel fed machine.

Mike Whyte is the founder of the business and has a real passion for the art of print. Many of the jobs we do are commercial and to talk of art might be a bit of a stretch, but come and talk to Mike about a special job or project and see his eyes light up as he talks about the paper options, the range of embellishments that are possible and the beauty within the various processes.


We’re not a copy centre, so you don’t just hit CTRL P on any of our machines and see a laser print come rolling out of the tray. Our gear is high end equipment, designed for commercial print, and that offers a high level of quality. Nevertheless, we understand the need for urgency in the world of marketing and commerce – in fact, it’s what drives us. So we have put together our plant in such a way that we can respond to urgent demands. The HP Indigo digital press, requires skill and precision to set up each job, but we do it rapidly. We thrive on the fast paced environment, we love the satisfaction that comes from delivering a high quality result in an amazingly short time frame.

Getting the right gear

With a clientele predominately made up of creative agencies and graphic designers, we have always found ourselves in the (affectionately) fussy end of the market with an emphasis on the quality of the print. These are the sorts of people who care a great deal about what we produce for them – matching specific colours, developing solutions for a particular purpose, and meeting crazy deadlines. All of this requires the right equipment and it was with this in mind that we selected the machinery to cover our floors. Take a look at our GEAR page, or better still, pop in and see us at 4 Minnie Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland.