Variable data

Variable Data – this is what we call it when we are printing every page with different content to the next.

The job shown here is a classic example of this.

The sample featured here is a Dog Dayvare centre that sends out a report card each year to their students.

During the year, they keep a spreadsheet with the names of the dogs in their care, their age, breed and personality type, as well as details about what things they’ve learnt over the course of the year, who their best friends are and some of the things they’re best known for.

The process then involves making a template which all of the data will be imported into. We then run the data, and the result is a separate pdf for each student. In this example it also involves inserting a photo of each dog.

When we print the the final pdf, it produces a report card, individualised for each of the dogs.

Let’s look at some of the important things to make sure that a variable data job comes out the way you expect.