We’re pleased to announce the installation of our HP Latex 360 machine – It sounds like announcing the arrival of a new baby – to be fair, it’s just as exciting for us.

We’re all about meeting deadlines and doing things quickly (and beautifully) and when we saw the benefits of the HP Latex machine, we just had to own one.

It’s super quick to set up, prints fast and the greatest advantage is we can trim and pack the job immediately after printing – no need to wait for it to dry or ‘gas-off’. Of course, print quality is exceptional as well, with great colour control, wide colour gamut and sharp, vivid colour.

This is a wide format machine, meaning it prints BIG, up to 1600mm wide by pretty much any length. Typically we would use this when printing large posters, pull up banner stands, display walls, street banners, backlit film, signage and displays.

We’re also excited by some of the additional substrates that are available with this machine – like true matt papers, fabrics, magnetic sheeting and wall papers.