Corflute is very much like corrugated cardboard, except it’s made from plastic, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It’s also pretty cheap which makes it great for quick, cost effective promotions.

Corflute comes in thicknesses of either 3mm, 5mm or 8mm. While it’s reasonably rigid it can be bent fairly easily, so if it’s being used in windy conditions it really needs to be supported. The 5mm board is only marginally more expensive than the 3mm but is a fair bit stronger so we tend to use the 5mm board most often.

Because of the way the sheet is constructed, there are faint ridges or ribbing on the surface of the board. It’s a uniform pattern and it’s not unattractive, but if you’re looking for a slick, smooth surface, corflute may not be the right product for you.

We use it extensively for things like life sized cut outs of people, or for real estate signage, temporary signage, as a sign board that can sit on an easel at an event or for promotional events where a cheap and cheerful solution is needed.

Corflute toblerone sign
Sign board made from 3 sheets of corflute, fixed together to make a free standing triangular shaped sign board.

Toblerones are generally thought of as chocolate, but in signage we often talk about toblerones as being a 3 sided sign. Corflute lends itself beautifully to a toblerone as it’s easy to bend and fix into a toblerone shape. It’s possible to make small ones by bending a single sheet in 3 places, or a really large one by combining together 3 sheets.

The standard corflute sheet size that we work with is 2.4 metres long and 1.2 metres wide which makes for very versatile signage.

Even though we describe corflute as being suitable for temporary use, 8 years ago we did some temporary car park signs for a client. They were well past their use-by-date by the time we replaced them with fresh new signage, but they did remarkably well to last as long as they did.

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