Footpath signs are a great way to attract attention and they come in different shapes and sizes, but the Auckland Council has regulations around what size is permissible. (see the regulations here)

In the photo at the left here we see a fairly large sign. In Auckland City the council regulations around footpath signs are that the sign must be no more than 1200mm tall, 600mm wide and 460mm in depth.

The sign we produced here fits the maximum allowable size perfectly.

Further down the page we see an example of a medium sized sign – it is 600mm wide, 800mm tall and the base is around 300mm deep. This is a more practical size and a lot more cost effective to produce (around $200 odd), but if you really want some impact, then the larger variety will set you back around $400 odd.






The smaller sign consists of a blade with a graphic printed on both sides and the blade slots into a base. The base is filled with water which weighs it down so you don’t have to spend half your day chasing it down the street.

You can put a different graphic on each side of the blade and you can even order 2 or 3 different blades so that you can change your message out every few days to keep things interesting.

If you do your own design, we can send you a template which looks a little something like the diagram below.

sandwich board foot path sign diagram

In terms of longevity you have a couple of choices. We can print the graphics on a substrate which has a 2 to 3 year rating, or we can print on a longer term substrate and apply a laminate for even extra durability. You should easily get a good 5 years from your sign. The blade is made from an aluminium composite material that won’t rot, warp or twist making for a really smart looking and long lasting sign.