‘33 Reasons’ is a collaborative project to create a beautifully printed series of postcards, presented in a gold foiled wallet, and depicting some of the more uplifting and inspirational aspects of life in lockdown. The packs are to be distributed at no charge to people within the Design Community.
We’re asking designers, design students, and creatives to produce a postcard design to showcase your insights into life in lockdown, as well as expressing your reasons for doing what you do, and your desire to get back out there and create better outcomes, for everybody.
This is a non-profit initiative with materials and time being donated by 8 companies to produce this keepsake piece as well as the design content being donated by people just like you.
The completed packs will be distributed to design agencies, creative studios, art department heads, individual designers and other key figures in the industry – to give us all a reason to smile and to keep doing what we do.
We’re also giving packs away to each of the designers of the 33 successful postcard design entries, and at least 50 packs will be sent to those whose entry doesn’t make the final cut.
So get your entry in pronto, and make sure you secure your pack.



We’ll be selecting 33 of what we consider to be the best entries to be published in the final pack. Email your design to 33reasons@theprintguys.co.nz.

Here’s how to create your design:

The front (i.e. ‘image’) side of the postcard is where you’ll use your creativity to give some insight into your life in lockdown. This could be typographical, symbolic, photographic, illustrative–whatever works best for you! It could be an observation you’ve made, the funny side of the situation, or something contemplative on the compassion, kindness, or hope that has come from lockdown.

The reverse (i.e. ‘text’) side of the postcard is a space where you can provide a paragraph or two to reflect on your experiences, and how they link to, or have influenced, your design. Maybe you’ve come to see the world a little differently, maybe you want to share some challenges you’ve overcome; maybe you want to share some of the little things that have to come to mean so much to you over this period. This part is all about your reasons for wanting to make better outcomes, whatever that means to you.

Feel free to add your name & logo, but avoid it looking or feeling like an advertisement.

Your finished file should be supplied as a print-ready PDF, in CMYK, with 3mm bleed, and trim marks. p1 should be the ‘front’, and p2 the ‘back’.

Finally, remember to keep it positive –this project is all about making people feel uplifted. It may be simple, or it may be grand, but make it sincere.
Submissions are due in by Friday the 15th of May. Download the template PDF file here: Check your downloads folder.


Postcard Layout Template

The completed Postcard Packs will be shared with the successful submitters, the Design Community and the Contributors that have all worked to make this possible. Submitting your design indicates that you acknowledge that the 33 Reasons Project has the right to use your design in any way it feels appropriate (with due acknowledgement of the submitter), and has the right to extend the number of packs produced or to take the project online to share with a wider audience.


Spread the word to your design buddies or other creatives by directing them to this page, or download the “Call For Submissions” PDF here

Our most sincere thanks goes out to the following companies that have all donated their time and materials to make this project happen:

B& F Papers, for the card and wallet stock (DCP Indigo 300gsm for the postcards and Keaycolour Original 300gsm for the wallets)

Currie Group, for their support and assistance

DCB Pacific Foiling, for gold foiling of the wallets

Inline Graphics, for the foiling blocks

Brandspired, for the design of the project logo and all the related material design.

Guillotine Ltd., for the design and supply of the cutting forme for the wallet

Contact Labels, for the diecutting of the wallets

Peak Print Finishing, for the gluing and assembly of the wallets

The Print Guys, for the conception and co-ordination of the project.

and lastly to the designers & creatives that submitted their ideas and designs.