Social media, email campaigns and online advertising have fantastic reach, but a printed piece has the ability to cut through the noise of the market place and reach people in a way that other approaches can’t.

To be taken seriously though, that printed piece must be well crafted. It mustn’t just look good, it must feel good too. After-all, that’s the one thing online engagement can never offer, so a printed piece should take advantage of that fact.

By using a printed piece to grab the attention of the right people and driving them toward your online content, you’re making the best of both worlds and are adding an extra dimension to the online content.

Take a look at this wallet we produced for one of our clients. By applying a gold foil onto a beautiful, uncoated stock, and by then applying an emboss to the top line of foiling, we get a result that just has to be touched to be truly appreciated.

It’s an item that feels beautiful to receive and to touch- imagine as a customer, receiving this item – you’d certainly feel way more appreciated than getting an email in your inbox.