One of our favourite jobs is the report cards printed annually for the ‘students’ at Barkley Manor Doggy Day Care Centre.

This is an introspective campaign where the report cards provide a fun and light-hearted way to introduce, and capitalise on, the ‘class photos’ that are shot each year, which helps to drive sales for the class photos themselves.

The staff at Barkley Manor have a huge amount of passion for what they do and care for each dog as well as they would any human. One of their initiatives is their database which details each dog’s favourite games, traits, personalities, who their buddies are, and what progress they’ve made during the year.

The report card we produce for them is a brilliant illustration of the power of variable data in the digital age. The Barkley Manor crew hand over the database to us along with a digital folder full of photos of each dog, and a template of the report card.

We work our variable data magic and the result is a couple of hundred report cards, each personally printed specifically for each dog, complete with portrait photo.

The variations on this sort of thing are endless and with a little imagination this technology can be used in many different types of campaigns and businesses.