It’s well worth considering how you’re going to present a well crafted piece of print to your client or prospect.

You can spend a lot of time and effort designing the perfect piece, but if it turns up in a standard white envelope, it may just end up in the ‘bills to be ignored’ pile.

The piece shown here had a really unusual fold and was definitely a piece that warranted a special envelope to make it stand out.

We came up with an envelope design that had an iris-like fold and closed without the need for glue. The envelope mimicked the fold of the brochure, making the two go together perfectly. The envelope was made from a black, matte stock which we printed with white ink. We decided that an actual stamp would add an appropriate retro feel and make it look even less like a bill.

We spent a bit of time testing the design to make sure the fold would stand up to the rigours of the postal service, and it did.

Of course, once a design like this has been made, we now have a template and a cutting forme that makes ‘borrowing’ the  concept so much easier for others. We have a huge collection of other cutting formes should you need inspiration for your next project. Check out our dieline library here