wobbler sampleNo self respecting Point Of Sale Campaign is ever complete without a bunch of wobblers to brighten up the shelves.

The most common type of wobbler is the traditional T Bar shape, but there can be a bit of testing required to get the length and shape of the bar just right to ensure the device actually wobbles, rather than falling flat, or sticking out perpendicular.

For a relatively small device (up to around 100mm wide by 140mm long) we usually print on either 300gsm satin stock with 25 micron laminate both sides.

If the device is larger, we might bump that spec up to 350gsm stock with a 76 micron matt laminate.

An alternative material we’ve been using more recently though is a 250micron Yupo, which is a synthetic stock. It has a nice amount of flex for a small sized wobbler, although to make sure your design flexes the way you want it to the best option is to run a proof on the actual substrate planned. Alternatively, we can give you an unprinted sheet of the actual substrate for you to cut out a sample by hand to give you an idea of how thick the shaft needs to be in relation to the display portion of the wobbler.

Of course, your file is going to need a dieline, and to have a cutting forme made, but if you’re not particular about the shape, check with us to see if we have an existing dieline that you can use, to save the cost of making a cutting forme.

WOBBLER springThere is an alternative to the traditional wobbler however, and that takes the guess work out of the shape and ‘wobble’ factor and also saves the cost of making a cutting forme. It wobbles really nicely too.

It’s a spring device that has a self adhesive pad at each end of the spring. One end sticks to your shelf, the other end sticks to the back of your display card. The card can be pretty much any size up to about A6 and whilst it doesn’t need to be diecut, you certainly can have it diecut to shape for added impact and interest.


twist strip shelf sign holderYet another alternative is a simple metal strip with self adhesive tabs at each end that can have a printed card attached and that is then attached to your shelf. The metal strip can be twisted to suit your shelf. the strip is very light so the card should be no more than about 100mm x 60mm.