Wrapping it up

It’s well worth considering how you’re going to present a well crafted piece of print to your client or prospect. You can spend a lot of time and effort designing the perfect piece, but if it turns up in a standard white envelope, it may just end up in the ‘bills to be ignored’ pile. […]

Variable Data (personalisation)

One of our favourite jobs is the report cards printed annually for the ‘students’ at Barkley Manor Doggy Day Care Centre. This is an introspective campaign where the report cards provide a fun and light-hearted way to introduce, and capitalise on, the ‘class photos’ that are shot each year, which helps to drive sales for […]


Social media, email campaigns and online advertising have fantastic reach, but a printed piece has the ability to cut through the noise of the market place and reach people in a way that other approaches can’t. To be taken seriously though, that printed piece must be well crafted. It mustn’t just look good, it must […]

Jogos de Mesa no Site do Twin de Portugal

Introdução aos Jogos de Mesa Virtuais Os jogos de mesa têm sido uma parte integrante dos cassinos e ambientes de jogo desde sempre. Com o advento das plataformas online, essa tradicional forma de entretenimento ganhou uma nova vida, permitindo aos jogadores experimentarem seus jogos favoritos diretamente de suas casas. O site Twin de Portugal não […]

COVID 19 Print Services for Essential Services

During the COVID 19 Lock Down period, if you operate an Essential Service and require printed material to support the provision of your services, we have a team on call to assist. We are only able to assist in situations where the service is genuinely ‘essential’, for example District Health Boards in need of labels […]

Diecutting – Shapes add interest and character

Cutting forme for Mini cubes

Diecutting and dielines Diecutting is a process that stamps a shape out of cardboard or paper. It’s incredibly useful for making things like cardboard boxes or packaging, but can also make a business card or a flyer much more interesting by diecutting the piece to a custom shape rather than just a plain old rectangle […]